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DCS Cafeteria Receives Recognition

Our Food Service Program has been featured on the Child Nutrition Website, "Spotlight" for their creativity and dedication to making breakfast fun for our students! This is a huge recognition considering they are looking at every Food Service Program in the State of New York. 

We are so lucky to have these wonderful ladies in our district. They show up early and work hard every day. They learn a little about every single one of our students and are always willing to try new ideas. They work to make it fun for the kids and always try to make it easiest on staff as well.

40% breakfast participation is huge for a district our size. Reaching a percentage like this is a kudos to everyone in our district, for recognizing the importance of nutrition and fueling our kids with the energy they need to tackle their day. 

Thank you all for your continued support of the cafeteria! And a HUGE shout out to the cafeteria staff. Thank you for all you do to make our district shine!

Click here to see the recognition!  More about the program can be found at